Sunday, August 21, 2005 Most Embarrassing Sex Scenes

*The joys of sex*

One of the good things of blogging on sex (or esoteric stuff for that matter) is that once in a while you get people coming onto your site while using such search terms. My highest hit count from any particular search term thus far has been from sexually related search terms. Well, hopefully, whatever was written on those post was helpfully educational.

Anyway, the article over at is a giggling blast and shows the full comic potential of sex. I don't necessarily agree with the CNN's perspective on this subject, they calling in on the basis of "(t)he studios avoid(ing) graphic depictions of sex that will run into opposition from the movie ratings board, network TV censors, or the DVD department at Wal-Mart. When sex does appear in mainstream movies, it's glossed over and presented as a gauzily lit event that finds the man and the woman harmoniously in sync." And hence, "No wonder Hollywood directors are finding it less troublesome to present sex in comedic terms, as an activity that's awkward, unsatisfying, and above all, humiliating."

Let's face it, after the manner in which we don't glorify and mystify and taboo(ify) sex, I personally think that it's no a bad idea to demonstrate at it's very heart all the possible hijinks of sex. After all, if one reads Mills and Boons or some really bad fan fiction out there on the net, one would be led in the belief that all things will come together on THE NIGHT. Nevermind the fact that the manner in which the Abstinence Crowd wants to teach about sexual relations, the only possible, conceivable and feasible manner for ANYTHING to go right would be dependant on some form of Divine Intervention.

On a more serious related note, the dictomy between sexual relations and violence in the viewpoint of the public is never greater played out than in what can be sold in some of these big departmental stores. Some how, the depiction of sexual intercourse between computer figures is more worthy of an "Adult-Only (AO)" rating than outright graphic violence with all manner and assortment of weapons which only rates a "Mature-Only" rating i.e. 17 and above. The game which I'm referring to here is of course Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in particular it's later incarnation with the Hot Coffee Mod.

Are we to expect that by the age of 17, a teenager would have no concept of sexuality or for that matter no sexual experiences in whatever shape or form that may take? Why the concern over activities or acts that take place between two consenting adults (or more, I try not to be judgemental that way) that cause no harm when less concern is demonstrated over something that causes REAL hurt and harm. How could slashing a breast cause less concern than stroking one?

It is always staggering how our media are more willing to depict blood & gore than they are to depict the human form nude especially when one considers there to be more redeeming qualities in sex than there is in violence. The 70s perhaps had it right, make love and not war. I'm of the personal opinion that sexual permissiveness in a culture might be a very good thing. The earlier children are expose to intimacy, the earlier the link between nurturing, relationships and good as well as the converse between violence, hurt and bad, will generate and develop.

There really isn't much hope for there to be any depiction of natural realisitic and graphic accounts of sexual relations on the screen anytime soon. So I guess a comic account of it will have to suffice for now. But I hope society will begin to see what's the more natural good.



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