Tuesday, August 16, 2005

*This is an re-enactment*

To the surprise of many, not least yours truely, I found myself running not just for office but an elected one (as opposed to the unopposed interviews I've had thus far). Not just faced with the prospect of an election, the author found himself having to make a stump speech this afternoon in the form of an actual rally. 5 minutes speech and 10 minutes Q&A. Here's a dramatic enactment of what happened this afternoon, it's almost as exact as I can remember it


S, a young idealist law student with a perchant of wanting a Lamborghini and a desire to save the world walks out of the Law Club towards SR 6 where the rally is to be held. He holds in his hands his speech and a stack of (6, wait 5 because he just stuck one on the fire-hose reel door) electioning posters.

There is a small crowd outside SR 6. Excited murmers can be heard. S spots his girlfriend, CL, who doubles up as his political consultant and editor. CL walks towards him and they move off into a small alcove to iron out some last details

S: Hey! Glad you could make it. Thanks for coming.

CL: Well yeah, I had time before classes anyway. So is there some form of seating arrangement or can I seat next to you?

S: I'm not entire sure but I doubt there's one. And yes, please seat next to me. I'm going second. So what do you think? Stick rebuttal points into my speech?

CL: Right. (beat) So what sort of girlfriendly noises shall I make during your speech later?

S: (momentarily thrown off) Um...right. (Hastily sticks his speech in front of her) vet my speech?

CL rapidly scans through the pages silently while S leans against the wall and drums his fingers nervously.

S: Well?

CL ignores him and continues reading till she gets to the last page. S continues drumming his fingers.

CL: Junk the last bit.

S: Huh? Wha?

CL: The last sentence.

S: But?!

CL: It doesn't flow.

S: But but!

CL: It doesn't flow, you build it up to a plateau and then it crashes.

S: But I wanted to end on a note of bipartisanship! "No matter who you vote for, please get out the vote and get your friend to vote as well".

CL: Precisely! It doesn't make sense after the build up. Put it somewhere else in your speech.

S: But! (with a resigned sigh) Fine...

S takes back his speech, takes out his pen and starts striking off the last paragraph.

CL: (Smiles) I was supposed to come and act like a submissive political wife and my first words ends up asking you to amend your speech. (beat) Hee!

S: Oh well. (beat)And while I'm at it I think I should tone down the first bit?

CL: Yes.

S: No point dissing NUSSU so soon right?

CL: Yes.

S: At least not in the first sentence.

CL: Yes.

With another sigh, S strikes out the word "ineptitude" and replaces it with "unresponsive".

S: You don't think it's too West Wing do you?

CL: Nope. Do you?

S: Well... I was trying to channel Aaron Sorkin. But this is an election for well, you know and not you know...

CL notices a lady standing next to S muffling a giggle.

CL: You know her?

S: Um...law colleague.

Well anyway, I'm running for Law's rep to NUSSU. My election posters are up in the faculty and it has a relatively late draft of my speech so it's close to what I said in SR 6. If you're a law student, please vote for me. If you have a friend who's a law student, ask her to vote for me!



At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are your chances? Were you in Law Club before?


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