Thursday, August 04, 2005

To all my faithful readers,

I have a confession to make. I actually have with me, an invisible pink hamster that has the incredible ability to speak and communicate INCREDIBLY ACCURATE PROPHECIES.

Already Hammy has touched the lives of many for whom he has revealed itself to, being a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and PROPHECY. But the condition of his help is that they must never reveal who they are or their luck will change and they will die horrible excrutiating deaths. So the following are some of their testimonies:

Hammy has changed my life! ~ Anon

Hammy foresaw that I had problems in my life and told me how to change them! ~ Anon

Hammy correctly predicted that my gambling addiction was causing pain and suffering to my loved ones! ~ Anon

Hammy has granted special dispensation to let me tell you my readers how all these events came about. It started one morning when I saw a pink hamster that no one else could see and that hamster talked to me!

It told me that it had a vision that I had encountered some particularly onerous problems that week. I gasped for who could have foreseen that a person could have had suffered some problems that might seem onerous by dint of its proximity!!!! I was hooked.

It then stated that the problems was caused by family, love or money and I gasped agained. WHO? Who could have so accurately predicted that the problems had to come from one of those sources?!! I mean the fact that I hadn't scored well on my last test MUST be an indication that it was due to discord and quarrels with my family or girlfriend or the fact that I couldn't afford to buy that special pen that would have scored me an A.

At my stunned expression, it then made another amazing statement, it said that it sensed the letter L was somehow important. How could it have known that my surname was Lee or that I was studying Law or that the last book I read before the test was Lord of Chaos or that I was feeling Low that evening. It was simply remarkable!!!

But I bring great tidings to your my faithful readers tonight, Hammy has by dint of its merciful nature granted us some of its amazing knowledge to aid the world and your lives.

1. There will be discord in the Middle-East.

2. There will be tensions and anxiety in London. The number of people seeking help and solace will increase.

3. Some of you will face problems.

4. (This will require some interpretation, the answer of which will be crystal clear tomorrow). As the centre rises from one end and sets in the other, the damage by the flowers will triumph over the best of intentions.

The Great Scamdini
p.s. If you wish to have exclusive access to Hammy, it has indicated that a small donation to the author would not be remiss for procurement of its services.


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