Tuesday, August 30, 2005

*What have I gotten myself into*

Often called to mind when one is at the summit and just tipping over the edge into the abbyss, this mental notice and frame of mind is not exclusive to Information Ministers under Saddam.

But when it is readily called to mind and speech under different circumstances manifold over a singular day, it becomes like T2's Hasta La Vista baby.

At any rate, you much beloved (or otherwise) author is a mite busy with certain things like law school, debate, law school, readings i.e. law school, tutorials i.e. law school and moots i.e. law school. See the pretty widdle patterns there? Anyway, entered into a moots and am finding the water up to my nose.

It should be over soon. Hopefully. In the meantime, think about why This House Would Legalise Animated Child Pornography.




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