Tuesday, August 23, 2005

*Too tired to update*

Slept at 3 in the morning, off to school 4 1/2 hours later, classes till noon and debate at 6 p.m. A debate where my partner and I propounded on the right of homosexuals to marry but not have children. Aye, what a tangled web we weave. So a more serious entry will be entered tomorrow once I've actually had some sleep.

However, I do have this to say. Why is it that the TCS 8 local dramas seem to have sunk to new lows of melodrama and truely utterly irksome, tiresome, trite and insipid tripe they call their prime time dramas. I hope for our collective sakes and sanity that they are not actually popular. As it is, I can hardly watch more than 30 seconds of it before my gastric reflux acts up and a splurt of acid goes up my stomach/esophagus into my throat, burning like the dickens and driving me to new heights of physical pain and mental torments I have yet to encounter since NS.

I have finally come to the realisation that what truely gets my gall isn't so much their sledge hammer moralising (although Touched by an Angel seriously drives me nuts...you know...touched in the head and all) but the fact that they treat their audience like absolute idiots who cannot follow more than one thread plotline or more sophisticated characters than the one dimensional morality figures that they play. In fact, the audience must be so dumb that we need dramatic music to tell us how to figure out what's happening on the screen. Either that or ensuring that the actors play stereotypical roles which call for a limited set of expression, each of which is readily understandable e.g. evil smirk, evil laugh, shy expression, good girl being taken advantage of shriek.

And because reality is just to complicated to encapsulate on the screen or maybe because we need a daily dose of inculcation of good moral and family values, the script reads like a 16th century morality play populated by figures of Charity, Greed, Avarice, Morality, Lust. And as such realism takes a back seat to atrocious music and gag worthy lines. Whatever semblance of nuance is scrubbed away like dirt in a surgery theatre. Humanity is JUST too difficult to portray, the idea of a person being capable of a variety of actions seems to be beyond the shows. The ideas of morality is clear cut and just so easily assimilated, as if ANY moral issue where to be so readily resolved.

Aaron Sorkin is my master now and I seriously despair of ever being able to watch a local made for tv drama with a decent fraction of its watchibility.



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