Thursday, August 25, 2005

Answers in Genesis: CreationWise

Answers in Genesis: After Eden

Internet Infidels Database: Paradoy of CreationWise and After Eden

*Warning: The above links might portray humour offensive to some*

Just a quick background, Answers in Genesis (AiG) is a Christian Fundamentalist Organisation which believes in the absolute literal word of God i.e. the Bible. As the name suggests, they take the Books of Genesis (and the rest really) to be absolute literal fact. Hence God did actually create the Earth in 6 literal days, there was a worldwide catastrophic flood (though oddly enoug the Egyptians seemed to have done fine), there was an ark (which given the literal measurement in the Bible would not have supported all the purported life it carried) and all the animals in the world were in it (the more sophisticated argument is that there were in reality 16,000 'kinds' of animals from which we see the diversity of life we see today. *beat* just don't ask what a kind is or what the carnivours ate after the flood or during it for that matter) and the flood just happened to neatly sort out the fossil record.

And oh yes, humans lived with dinosaurs on a earth that's only about 6000 years old.

In fact they are so exclusive that if you believe that the earth is more than 6000-10000 years of age, you're an Old Earth Creationist and are not allowed into their organisation.

Anyway, the first two links to CreationWise and After Eden are comic strips that are based upon their own narrow sectarian beliefs. I think most rational Christians will be offended much less anyone else not of their 'faith'.

The third link comes from a forum thread in the Internet Infidels Database which has pretty good articles BUT again a WARNING, some (or most) people might find their parodies as offensive as the originals themselves.

So yes, Thursdays are now henceforth known as lazy post day.



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