Friday, October 01, 2004

*Election Debates*

CNA screened an encore telecast...thank goodness for that. I wonder how many Singaporeans watched it or even cared for that matter...ah well... That's what happens when you depoliticise a nation's Civil (or should that be Civic) Society.

What was interesting was that Kerry finally found a good stance. Say that the war on Iraq was an error because the President misled the nation on four things: 1. It would be carefully planned 2. We would exhaust all remedies in the UN 3. We go to war as a last resort 4. We will build a grand coalition. The subtlety of the argument comes in the second part (adn this was something the President did not get), we know it's a mistake but now that we're stuck in it, let's have a fresh approach by bringing to the table the rest of the world and gaining new credibility.

All Bush kept saying was that Kerry's position on Iraq kept changing and you need to send a consistent message. How exactly sticking to the same course when the facts have changed is beyond me...

John Kerry's rejoinder? That Bush's policy could be summed up in four words, "More of the Same". Heh.


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