Friday, September 24, 2004

*On Exams and Luddites*

The Luddites may be on to something. Just an update to my faithful and not so faithful readers as well as the occasional passerby who happens to come to my page, reads it and gets his/her psyche scarred.

SLS 24h paper due to be out at 10a.m., an email eventually comes our way at 3:30 that tells us that it was to be posponed...*grrr*

I would have much rather gone down to school and picked it up in hardcopy rather than sit in front of my computer from 10 to 12 repeatedly hitting refresh in hopes that the question will appear. And in case you were wondering, I did call the Fac of Law, got hung up the first time, the second time was told that something was wrong and to cool my heels...which I did till half past three...

Bah humbug...


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