Wednesday, September 22, 2004

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia's Anwar called 'traitor'

*Reverse Causality*

You know...I wonder whose fault it really was for supposedly hurting the country by damaging the economy and tarnishing its image through the street demonstrations...

Surely not the racist ex PM who couldn't accept the possibility of his deputy trumping him and got him arresting on trumped up charges of corruption and sodomy. Nope, blame his deputy and the people who realise that the 'truth' fed to them were absurb and verged on the surreal and exercised their constitutional right to make their grievences known outside of an election. Wait, they did make it known through the ballot box too. If your party suffered because of a naive knee jerk reaction of loyalty to your superior and your citizens realise that, maybe it's your fault too?

Gee...*rolls eyes*


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