Sunday, September 26, 2004


Head hurts but I suppose that's to be expected with judges dancing all over the place trying to do what's right (subjective justice I suppose) in their eyes and yet not overstep their bounds when it comes to policy making.

It's a fascinating tension played out here, whereby with the separation of powers into the three branches of government, what you have is essentially an articifial attempt at compartmentalising sovereignity in a bid to prevent abuses of political power. On the whole, this is the least bad method of governance (of course that is in comparison with a utopia whereby humanity loses it's essential humaness and we all can live in a utopia...bah humbug), since people in general can't really be bothered to run their lives and make choices until something happens and they can't rectify it (yes yes I know this is an unsubstantiated assertion, I'll try to back it up in a latter post).

I think I really do enjoy law, horendous amounts of reading and all...but what I truely enjoy is probably more jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law) than the actual practice itself I think...=P



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