Sunday, September 26, 2004 - Custody dispute after fertility clinic mistake - Sep 24, 2004

She makes a good case and I would agree with her on most points bar perhpas one - that of her assertion with regards to the 'male-oriented' aspect of parenthood and its implications for Custody Law.

I think my views on this aspect are relatively clear, while I sympathise with the Feminist Movement, I think the time has come to acknowledge that males and Fathers have rights too. The fact of the matter is that there is a genuine aspect of discrimination that occurs against the male gender when it comes to Family and Criminal Law (see the prevelance of the ideology that males can only be sexual predators and women sexual victims)

When it comes to Family Law, the fact that we have a WOMAN's Charter is highly indicative of the fact that the law in this instance is not gender neutral. It would be terribly odd if the Feminist Movement by fighting for equality and the 'opportunity' to go out and work (as opposed to being tied to bringing up a family) nevertheless still clings to these outmoded ideas as a manner of creating a highly inequitable situation whereby fathers and husbands are put almost right from the onset, in a disadvantaged positions: see for example ailimony and custodial rights.

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