Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Inspectors conclude no WMD in Iraq

If one reads the article, you would find that a more accurate title would be Inspectors conclude no WMD in Iraq BUT Saddam was planning to do so in defiance of U.N.

I mean granted that no WMD have been found, that simply means that every (okay, maybe not, but at least the French and Germans included) intelligence agency in the world was wrong. In my opinion, it was probably a reaction to both the 1994 revelation of Saddam's nuclear programme that led to a fresh round of bombings and worst still, India and Parkistan going nuclear without anyone realising it in 1996. In the face of such history, it would be too easy to fall pray to hysteria. Of course, if WMD had been found, things would look different.

Were the reasons for the invasion/liberation factually wrong? Yes. Were the methods used in this war wrong? Yes. But was there a need to stop Saddam and his regime? Yes.


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