Sunday, July 11, 2004

*On NS and 2 years of services*

The announcement that NS was going to be reduced to two years did little to help me considering that it came exactly one working day after my ORD (for the gals out there, it means an end to my fulltime slavery...ahem, I mean service to the nation).

But despite that, the news seriously cheered me up. One, it means my brother and people of his batch no longer have to suffer through two and a half years of gods knows what the heck we're doing here kind of mentality. Two, the gender disparity has been reduced and I hope that companies would be gracious enough to reduce the difference in pay scales now (although admittedly, the discrepancy in terms of years of education missed is still similar).

Most importantly, three, the regulars who have not been doing the work that they've been paid to do are now finally made to get off their butts and actually do some *gasp* real work because the NSF who have been covering and slaving for them are gone. Hah! Lazy parasites on taxpayers have finally been slapped awake with the realisation that the SAF doesn't revolve around them. They deserve all the pain and torment that they're currently suffering.

Vindictive? Yup. Taking of malicious glee in their plight? Oh yea...=)


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