Saturday, June 12, 2004

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran rejects more nuclear curbs

*Iraq Part Duex Anyone?*

Bravo! They don't even bother to pretend anymore... This is a perfect example of pre-emptive strikes if I ever saw one.

Although, admittedly, I say let the EU handle this one by themselves. If they can't even handle their own backyard, if all their words about anti-proliferation are mere platitutes, then they don't deserve to be a pole (centre of power)

It's all well and nice to be a post-modern nation and try to resolve everything peacably. But the harsh realities of life and nuclear winter means a hard stance must be taken.

No more mere words! Let's see some action! There is no need to actually invade Iran but at least gentlemen, let's see some trade sanctions to see that you're serious.


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