Thursday, July 08, 2004

*Links Fixed and OG Outing*

First things first, link to Isobel's blog has been fixed...seems I added an extra '/'...*sigh*...computers and literalness.

Anyway, Law Camp OG went to East Coast Park today for lunch and psuedo outdoorish activities. And so it was with apprehension that I hauled my gluteus maximus (i.e. my butt) onto a bicycle. Unfortunately it wasn't your single seater because I foolishly volunteered to ride tanderm with an OG mate of my who was not comfortable on a bike.

Ye gods, it's been too long since my lower extremities have touch pedals of any sort and my metacarpals the handles. And I feel pretty bad giving her quite a scare as I attempted to kick off the bike. In my defense, albeit weak, the weight distribution was different due to the enlongated frame, but time erodes some skills... But in the end, it all ended well and I realised that I had forgotten what it was like to enjoy cycling. I think my NS time helped cause the fear of falling and injuring myself was gone which mean no more death grip on the handles and no more wobling off into oblivion, or at least the trees like I used to.

Many many thanks too to my tanderm partner for helping with the cycling and a wonderful conversation that ranged aptly enough for those who know me into politics, religion and philosophy. So yes, conversation on Christianity, Buddhism, American Presidential Election 2004 and the prospect of Jeb Bush Versus Hilary Clinton in 2008. Oh yes and on the prospects of Colin Powell in '08.

Anyway, I realised that I would like to go back and spend a good day cycling. Anyone interested? Yes, particularly the guys don't get enough fresh air as it is...


p.s. Anyone can help me with my pool stance? I've been finding it real hard to cue striaght...


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