Tuesday, July 06, 2004

MOOREWATCH - Watching Michael Moore's every move

Michael Moore Breaking News!

Heh...cute sites.

I'm going to declare this very publically. I don't like Michael Moore and I seriously hated his book (Stupid White Men). But I might watch his movie just for laughs.

On a similar vein, I seriously dislike Rush Limbaugh too (and his book The Way Things Ought to Be, to be fair to Mr Moore). He and Moore are basically the flip side of the same coin; Political pundits and I will use the word here very very loosely who don't care about rational debate but more about browbeating others into submission to their ideology. Facts are secondary to what they perceive as the truth and that is ultimately harmful to discourse and politics.

The moderates have died because they have allow extremist on both sides of the fence to highjack the agenda of truth and democracy. You cannot have democracy where debate is a bad word, where changing your mind when the facts change is seen as a cowardly submission rather than the act of a rational person.

*Sigh*...well at least they have discourse over there.....


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