Friday, July 11, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

{{{The Return}}}

Made a trip back to HCJC today( my alma mater in case you didn't know =) ) with bended knees and cap in hand to get some notes from my ex-tutors.

*Aside*: I am not from Chinese High by the way, though my juniors and seniors evidently think so. I am from ACS(I) and I'm proud of it. And to pre-empt all those loyalty questions, yes, I would have gone to ACJC if it hadn't been like the long-lost forgotten cousin of the AC family or more importantly the fact that they didn't really have a humanz program or even worse...they were doing paper 14...which is like ANCIENT history....

In particular, numero uno. GP paper to practice for my upcoming GP exam on the 11th of November. I'm still smarting over my grades and it doesn't help that Mr Perry tells me today that our juniors jad like 33 A1s and that the lowest grade was a *freaking* 3.... *Sigh*...

The second set of notes was from Mr particular the S-econs notes. BTW, I would strongly recommand the Economist School Briefs to everyone. It's readable and terribly useful whether you're an econs novice or an undergrad. Highlight of the return was sitting in the econs lecture by him. Terribly nostalgic as he said. *Soft laugh* I could actually feel the eyes of both classes on me as I entered wondering who the intruder was...=) but it was good, got a quick revision on EOS (economies of scale) and its relation to two particular germans. One of whom is indelitably linked to material dialecticism.

I really do like HC. It has some of my best and worst moments in my life. I suppose after SAF, JC looks like some kind of Golden Age. I mean despite being physically abused and my manhood questioned by my female (and I use this term loosely) classmates, it wasn't a bad time...=) The food more than made up for them. (Hmmm...considering that they're all back from England, maybe talking about them in such a fashion isn't such a good idea after all...)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

{{{On economics}}}

I've revisited a particular My John Maynard Keynes and his General Theory for the past couple of days now and I am absolutely devestated at the state my micro-econs has degenerated. I can't for the live of me remember what MPR stands for anymore or how it is derived or why it's of paritular importance to wages. And most of all, I still can't figure out why firms produce in the second (or was it third stage?) of production. *Sigh* Well...Mr Barnard did try...

Next, I was feeling real happy that I could still recreate an ISLMBP (Investment Savings Liquidity Money Balance of Payment) curve whe She drops a bomb on me that Bobby says that the analysis is passe and outdate with regards to post-Keynesian analysis (*sigh* well there goes Samuelson's Neo-Keynesian Synthesis). ARGH!!! that I'm in a more rational frame of mind. Yes, Bobby, we will talk. If there's something that can explain/analyse every macro economic question without having to resort to nine graphs and five pages to set up in the first place, I'm game.

Not least on whether it's still worth taking econs in NUS after the horror story Ning told of the lectuer trying to explain how MC is derived from a list of cost numbers. *Ahem*...Because the marginal cost is the marginal cost....*Gee*

*Dances with Hamsterz*

Booyah! She's Back!!!!!!! =))))))

*Cheers* After a long ten day surjourn to the capital of our 'Abang' next door, the love and light of my life is back on the sunny island! *Cheers again*

*Shoeshoe with Lupines*

*Inspired by the events of the day*

I am a NSF and I shall not want except my ORD
For it maketh go to greener pastures of civilian life
And it leadth me beside the still waters of a more rational society

It restoreth my morale and leadth me to walk in paths that avoid DB

Yea, though I walk through the valley in the shadows of regulars, I shall fear no arrows
For I am a NSF, and that status and my earlier ORD, they comfort me.

It prepares me for my meetings with superiors at the table.
The day will come in time.
My hope runeth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me in all my days as a civilian
And I shall no longer have to dwell in my barracks forever.

Friday, July 04, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

*Muses* I'm not a terribly fatalistic person, but more and more I find myself drawn into the mystical world of numerology.. In particular the hold the number 3 has on me.

All numbers need letters and its 3 letter acronyms that seem to habe such a tremendous hold on my life currently... Their powers are overwhealming, their will inscrutible. Their manners mysterious, their actions befudling. They are not to be question by mere mortals such as us.

Such...institutions...such as the SAF (to serve) and PSC (a promise of salvation) and MFA and MAS and EDB and MOE (light at the end of the tunnel).... And of course the PAP..

But there is an even larger organisation that is a law unto itself, its tentacles infiltrating into every major organisation in the world.. Its name is whispered in shrouded tones, whispers speak of agonising days and nights in its vicelike stranglehold... The ISO...