Monday, July 17, 2006

(sunday discussion: continued)

while some might assume that debaters' debating personalities are their actual personalities, i can assure you that for many of us that is not the case. however, for many of us, switching off the debating personality can be, to say the least, difficult. in all fairness, it can be a very good defense against bores and curious relatives. try it some time--it's less arduous than having to join the tax department.

anyway, dinner was a combination of good food, great company and an enthusiastic jam session (augmented by an adorable 14mth old shrieking with joy). unfortunately for those only vaguely associated with debates, a good part of dinner conversation (ie, before the food and the drink mellowed us out) consisted of:

a) rehashing old debates
b) rehashing past injustices--of course it was unjust, only the most biased can fail to recognize our brilliance!
c) perhaps to no suprise, the Middle East. and no mention of Taiwan all night, which probably merits a post in itself. hmm.



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