Sunday, July 16, 2006

*Provoking discussion on the M.E.*

It seems that I do have regular readers and I am currently soliciting comments and feedback on the following issue(s):

1. Is there a moderate element of HAMAS that currently exists?
2. If so, can we strengthen it at the expense of the more extremist factions?
3. If not, can we create it or moderate the current extremist factions or both?

The reason for this post was a rather depressing comment made by our Kiwi comrade who felt the dispair some debaters have felt at moments when discussing the Middle East.

How the f*** can it be saved from itself?

M's analysis was that there was nothing to moderate and definately no moderate group to strengthen at the expense of the extreme factions when anything (short of outright destruction of HAMAS, a near impossibility) could and would be claimed either as victory or a propaganda victory by HAMAS.

1. Unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza strip by Israel? Check
2. Security Wall leading to a fall in suicide bombers? Check by providing a perfect propaganda piece of the economic destruction of Palestine.
3. "Democratic" victory by HAMAS (at the expense of the corrupt and ineffectual Al Fatah, partly because of the HAMAS private army?) Check
4. Refusal of the EU and US to fund a terrorist organisation? Check
5. Stonewalling by Al Fatah? Check
6. Suicide bombings? Check
7. Prevention of suicide bombings? Check
8. Kidnapping of Israeli soldier?
9. Retaliation by the Israelis? Check
10. Counter retaliation? Check


Here's hoping (in vain probably) for peace.

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