Saturday, July 15, 2006

*Sunday exchange*

Day of rest and all that kind of jazz, so here's another of those intermitent dramatisation.

S (on phone with CL): Hello!

CL: Did you know that A has a dishwasher though he claims its less inefficient than handwashing but he still uses it anyway?

S: (silence)

CL: Hello?

S: Um...what does does this fit into the general scheme of things?

CL: Thought it would make a nice segue into the dinner tonight. Oh guess, how many people are coming?

S: Just us?

CL: Nope, around 20-25

S: Oh geez. (beat) Am I expected to be sociable tonight?

CL: Not really, with that many people we can just form into our little debatety clique

S: Oh that's nice. Could I just make one request though?

CL: What's that?

S: Could we not talk about the Middle East tonight? It's giving me a headache

CL: *Snigger* we've got to be one of the few people who could seriously make the request, "could we not talk about the Middle East tonight?"

S: But it really gives me a headache

CL: Don't I know it, I've stopped reading it and just glance through the headlines

S: But it's fascinating! (wonders what's going through CL's mind at this point)

(Some time later)

CL: Oh guess what I watched on a Taiwanese programme?

S: Which one?

CL: Oh not the news. Although I had a head-desk moment when my sister asked why they wanted Chen Shui Bian to resign

S: Haven't they been trying to do that for months now?

CL: That's right, but I had to explain how they were trying to get him on the fact that his wife gain certain positions because she was his wife

S: (Severely)'s a small nation and talents are few and far between and just because they happen to be on government linked organisations does not mean anything

CL: (beat) I wonder where I heard that before.

S: Anyway, could we talk about Taiwan tonight?

CL: Sure...

(Conversation drifts off into inconsequential things like the feng-shui programme)




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