Thursday, November 24, 2005

*A fuzzy day report a.k.a. Speed Watching TV*

The author has determined that in the interest of his physical and mental health, he will no longer do fluffy reports for fear of retribution by Mr. Fluffy.

Anyway, the following are ways to finish an entire season of West Wing or any drama or sitcom in the fastest time possible.

1. Switch on the subtitles and set the speed mode to 3X. This will still allow the subtitles to show on screen, while making it the fastest mode one can actually still finish reading the subtitles on. This, the author humbly submits, might be the best recourse if one has to suffer through a drama with a good plot and script but truely atrocious acting *cough some TCS English dramas cough*. It also has the added benefit of you not having to suffer as long if it is some really horrid chinese melodrama.

2. Read the transcripts. If you're a speed reader, this is definitely the fastest way to get through an entire season. I read season 1 and part of season 2 of Will & Grace in a day and still had time to do up the last of my mugger notes and arrange a tutorial note!

It also has the fantastic benefit of allowing you to watch all the really good dramas that free-to-air takes forever (if they ever) to bring to local television. And especially so if you don't have cable and will not do so as long as you value you life and work. Personally I would never get anything done if I had more channels than free-to-air.

So thus far, I have read Joey (which I never watched), parts of Alias (has to be watched to be enjoyed, like Buffy) and 4400 (really really good) and oh Lost (which since it is primarily plot driven, can definitely be read). And yes, it allows me to keep up with season 7 of the West Wing (terrestrial is showing season 6, and the only reason I'm watching it is because no transcriber wants to do season 6 for some odd reason).

So now you know what I spend most of my time on the web surfing =P



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