Tuesday, November 29, 2005

*Exams are finally over!*

And I have to rediscover the purpose to my life. One of my friends is going to play mapple story. Another is going to do World of Warcraft and yet another is going to play Football Manager 2005-6 (I have no idea what date). I have debates and a computer that can't play the latest games. Which is fine because my gaming reflexes have been so shot to hell and beyond that I lasted a total of a single minute in Doom 3.

So as I was pondering existantialist questions as to that purpose e.g. like where to, what next and how the hell does one define 'purpose' or whether we need one in the first place and in the absence of purpose what there is, and on positive and critical morality in general, when I receive a long long email from Dr Andrew Loke, the writer of this letter to which I wrote a reply letter and a reply. It is a reply to them and well, it's over at the comments section (the Blogger one on the right) at this post. Wish he left telling me what he believed in. But you'll get to catch my response soon.

So since I'm still working on a further reply, come back soon.




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