Wednesday, March 23, 2005

*Things that cropped up*

Watched the practice yesterday (yes I know that I should have been rehearsing for my moots). Terribly inspired by the opening by this character called Danny Craig - he's some legend in civil law in the school and he did a brilliant fantastic 'Theory of the Case'. It honestly blew me away...

Watched the West Wing two nights ago. Had read the Ridge over the weekend, laughable piece of 'analysis' called "Terrorism and the 'New Equation'" which not only lack objectivity, had numerous spurious and lousy argumentation and what seemed to be a wilfull disregard of the facts...*bah*. I mean, putting it in opinions and editorials is one thing...but analysis?!!!!

Anyway, sat down thinking I would type a quick reply and send it off to the Ridge as a reminder that I still wanted to write for them and also as a form of catharsis. Quick letter turned into 4 page article in the following two hours. Being proof-read and edited by Her now so maybe I'll put it up once it's done.


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See my point now?


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