Saturday, March 05, 2005

*Irreverant thoughts of the day*

1. Does the Academy Awards hate Martin Scorsese?
2. Is that guy really the ex-business times editor? Wait maybe he's an intel officer coz he sure can't write. I don't support a casino vote but the way he rights is logically fallacious and downright condesending. Wait....maybe that's reverse psychology at work.. Damn those intel people!
3. I don't support a vote for the casino coz I don't like religious nuts f*cking dictating our national policy. Don't tell me what I can or cannot do by trying to quote some mythological literature or ancient chinese dude to prove why you're 'right'. I'll have to be under the influence of some serious weed or a major lobotomy before that happens.
4. Are the Miss Singapore Universe ladies truly unappealing or is simply inapt makeup and camera work?
5. Man, were those bikinis ugly.


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