Thursday, February 24, 2005

BBC NEWS | Americas | US military's gay policy 'costly'

*Contrast and compare this to our 302 policy*

Not certain if our policy is all that much better really. I personally have had homosexual friends who refused to out themselves for entirely pragmatic reasons.

They were the ones who did not want to jepodise their scholarship and work options/futures (*sorry pun not intended*) or who wanted to serve their nation in another capacity than a "despised gay clerk*

But to be entirely honest, I'm not certain whether we as a society (or hell, army unit) would be matured and tolerant enough to accept a homosexual in our midst. A policy that outs them but still places them in a normal military unit MIGHT be putting them at risk of some of the freaking homophobes that we have had as bunkmates.

But my policy has always been let them try and we'll put the smackdown on them!


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