Wednesday, February 16, 2005

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU leads Kyoto 'carbon revolution'


If the BBC were a little more honest about it, they would have included the fact that it was the EU who first opposed any form of carbon trading which was one of the many reasons the US had for not signing on.

It wasn't when it actually looked like it had a chance of being passed when the EU business went...hang on now, if we actually try to comply with the cuts in carbon dioxide emission, we'll soon go out of business. That was when finally the governments realised that hey maybe market based mechanisms can be used to solve environmental problems.


But anyway, before anyone rest on their laurels, Kyoto by it self won't work! Even if there were absolute compliance, it's projected to cut something like 0.1 degree calcius off anything round a 2.0 degree rise in global temperature. But before you throw yourself off the highest floor of the Dunton, America is already thinking of implementing a CO2 version of their SpO2 emission trading scheme. Plus, let's face it, wealth has and will always be the best way of ensuring environmental health. People can actually think past their bellies and have the resources to do something about it.



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