Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ATLA Press Room: McDonald's Scalding Coffee Case

The McDonald's scalding coffee case has always been heralded as an example of the over litigous society that America is. BUT click on the link above to discover why the Big M was held liable.

1) The coffee wasn't simply hot but a good 35 - 40 degree farenhite above normal (hot) house coffee. So hot that it is sufficient (was sufficient) to cause 3rd degree burns. Basically burns so bad that it actually destroys your nerve tissue

2) MacDonald's was aware of this problem and had been so aware for quite sometime (Over 700 claims settled between 1982-1992), the people who were aware of it included their quality assurance manager who told them that the temperature was unfit for human consumption because it was too hot.

3) MacDonald's "warning" was simply a reminder and plainly insufficient in the ordinary course of nature

4) They knew the extra hazardous effects of their coffee because most ppl bought it not to drink in their restaurants but in their cars.



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