Tuesday, January 25, 2005

BBC NEWS | Americas | Gates' $750m vaccination pledge

Much as I dislike the Wintel (Windows and Intel) Monopoly, I cannot help but admire what this family is doing. This is real philanthropy, the use of one's own wealth to do good and not what some companies are doing under the guise of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) where they are giving away company (shareholder) money to good causes. Yes, the causes may be good, but it's easy to donate other people's money isn't it?

More importantly, I think Gates is doing the absolutely right thing in targeting their donations to where they are most useful. The most famous case was his turn about on the so-called 'digital divide' where he decided to donate the money to end hunger and disease instead on the simple basis that there are more important and basic considerations at stake even before one could or should consider others.



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