Wednesday, December 22, 2004

*NTU Pre-Worlds*

1. This house would put humpty dumpty together: OG (3), we ran that we would overturn the Eu Anti-Trust Ruling and allow Microsoft to bundle whatever proprietry software that they wished with Windows.

2. This house would choose love over money: OO (1), OG ran abolishing of Capital Punishment. Relatively straightforward case.

3. This house would pave paradise and put up a parking lot: CG (2), OG ran very tight case on why US should put its bases out of Japan. Our extension was that this would be good for both US and Japan because it would prevent the anti-US, right wing, pro-militarisation side from hijacking the LDp's military and foreign policy by making Koizumi more por-active rather than react to their demands. Unfortunately that wasn't persuasive as compared to our 'other' extension that this would reduce the stretch that the US was currently facing.

4. This house believes that Malaysia is truely Asia. CO (3), OG ran why Malaysia should remove its ringett peg. Bah humbug.

5. Frankly my dear this house doesn't give a damn. OG (3), we ran gay marriages. *Sigh*, not a good setup on my part unfortunately, too much 'noise' (fillers) apparently according to Amit.

So with a grand total of 7 points and average speaker scores, we broke into the quarter finals. Unfortunate, being Swing A (we were there just to make up the numbers), we got kick out automatically...=P



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