Monday, January 10, 2005

*First Day of School*

The time table for Monday is pretty bad read PACKED...and it's the first day of school.

So here's a break in what has otherwise become essentially a newsblog, here's something from my life (assuming there are people voyeuristic enough to want to read it...which scarily enough apparently there are)

Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (9 - 9:40): Statutory Interpretation -> Yes, I know you're thinking about catchall phrases but trust me, it ain't always that simple. See s.9 of Misuse of Drugs Act and you'll understand...what the hell does intend mean?

Contracts (10 - 1045): Discharge by breach...weee... Conditions-warranty distinctions, innominate terms anyone?

Intro to Legal Theory (1130 - 1): Watched first part of "Trials at Nuremberg", basically about prosecution of the judges. VERY VERY VERY good, you won't need a law education to understand it. Balanced though a tad heavy handed here and there

LAWR Tutorial (2-4:30): Struggled with Misuse of Drugs Act


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