Monday, January 31, 2005

Old vodka whacks its rivals

A very interesting exercise when one considers as the article points out, that vodka is distilled to a purity which it is suppose to have no taste, odour or mark of distinctiveness. Which probably explains why it's the choice for mixers.

It does throw up a whole host of related side issues of which one is why Absolut has such a stranglehold on Singapore's perception of good brands of Vodka (I've definitely heard of Smirnoff, but that's probably because it was the vodka of choice in MMU Worlds). A good bit of it probably has to do with the strong branding via advertising that Absolut has.

Just as interesting is that this is one of the few 'premium' alcohol that is probably in your average citizens prize range. One needs only to think of high end wines or cognac to decide how many of us will have the opportunity or inclination to purchase such brands.



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