Saturday, March 19, 2005

*Training Spar with the lads and gals from HCJC*

Kudos to HC for very gallently and valiantly responding to our case..=P

Motion: THBT Penguins should be given shelter (Courtesy of Divya)

Now there are a number of ways one could run this debate of course, amongst which are:

1) Normal environmental debate on the need to protect endangered species (Are penguins endangered?)

2) Squirrel it somewhat to Bush's plan for the Artic Wilderness Drilling Plan (going to Alaska to drill for oil -> Best case scenario, it feeds 10% of what the USA consumes. So much for energy self sufficiency)

3) Penguin = Red Hat = Open-Source Software. Hence the need to protect open source software in the uncompetitive consumer market by unbundling Windows ala the EU anti-trust ruling.

Guess which we did...*big evil gwin*


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