Sunday, March 13, 2005

*Raccous cheers prematurely ended by threat of litigation*

Finally finally finished with the stupid (erm...I meant thought provoking and challenging) criminal law assignment. Ye pan-dimensional deities, can't believe how much time this ONE assignment has consumed. Kinda like how a nation like the USA with a population of 265 million (as of 1995) can produce 26.4% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Or even how people could believe in religion for that matter.

Anyway, have decided to stop railing at what I though was truely horrible articles ('analysis' of the USA elections and a fictatous piece about casinos which was mind blowing only in the sense of a lack of oxygen reaching one's brain due to non-stop laughing) in the Ridge (NUS student paper) and decided to write for them instead (if they want me).

Figure I could get more people to rail at my views if they actually knew what it was...=P Who knows, maybe one day I'll inspire demonstrations against me.



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