Friday, August 27, 2004

*On Forums and Letters*

*Soft noise of contentment* Yes law might be driving me nuts with overachieving and altogether brilliant classmates, too much reading and a tendancy for British Law Lords to write in awfully incomprehensible ways. Dang...why couldn't I be born in some Civil Law jurisdiction instead. But having said that there are saving graces, American Cases and our Chief Justice who writes in a terribly cogent and cohesive manner, despite a fondness for obiter dicta...but hey he's the CJ and what he says in passing become law the next time so who am I to complain...=)

On the other hand, I think my mind is working again. I actually can string together a sentence with polysyllabic words that contain ideas more immediate than food, sleep or sex. So yes, life is looking up. Hmmm, am current in a forum debate with this lady about homosexuality....I wonder if I can get her permission to post her stuff up. Without it my versions has no foundation. Ah well.

No luck with my letter yet again. Maybe I should put Paul's name on it or together with my...maybe they'll notice it then...=P



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