Tuesday, August 24, 2004

CNN.com - Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads - Aug 23%2C 2004

*Snigger snigger snort snort*

I apologise, that was very unbecoming but seriously though, this is hillarious.

President Bush is spot on about 527s, these groups basically gotten through the loophole left untouched by the McCain-Feingold bipartisan act which was meant to close the inflow of 'soft money' into American politics. This in turn meant that the parties would be less in hock to business or special interest as it wouldn't be worth the effort to get them to donate money to the party cause now.

The cynic in me, however, forces me to question why this sudden burst of political idealism on the part of this particular President, considering that he's been acknowledged as one of the masters in raising money for his coffers. Basically, he turned down federal money (yes the government gives money to candidates to run for office! How cool is that?) so that he would not be limited by donation restrictions. Could it possibly be the sudden mushroom like sprouting of democrat linked 527s in what was once Republican dominated political money mine?

At any rate, with regards to the actual attack ads against Kerry, it seems that it has actually worked. After going on air, support for Bush - Kerry by vietnam vets has risen to 53%-37%. Apparently they were mad that a viet war hero would come back and become an anti-war spokesperson and talk of atrocities etc.

And to end with the latest in hip hop fads - VOTE OR DIE! This election message brought to you by the grandmasters of hip hop and MTV...=P



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