Tuesday, August 17, 2004

*Law School*

I will admit to a certain amount of tardiness when it comes to me blogging on a regular basis. However, one must also accept that my blogging has become more regular once my national slav-ahem-service was over and I could actually enjoy a life without being at the beck and call, whim and fancy of various capricious superiors and inferiors...opps...I mean subordinates..heh.

But I have been swamped with readings and as such have not been able to blog as regularly as I would like to. Furthermore, my brother has been swamped with his work or more accurately PW, project work or as I (and many other similarly afflicted JC students) would like to call it...Piece of Waste... Besides which, now that She complains of me talking too much about law, I think coupled with me being a debater i.e. amoral bastard, the only way I could conceivably be more hated is if I became a tax lawyer for the IRAS.

Which brings me to the next really weird point. Thanks to exenuating circumstances which include me having a laptop and being really sleepy a week ago, I have somehow been elected Vice President for the Year 1 Law Committee...may the pan-dimensional deities have mercy on the souls (or if you don't believe in metaphysics, energy) of my fellow collegues. Fortunately the President, Liang Wei seems like a terribly earnest and responsible young man, which should mitiagte me.

Back to torts...cheerios!


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