Saturday, August 21, 2004

*On Case Summaries and Li Jia Wei*

I know those two topics don't quite make sense but anyway, let me get my ranting out of the way first. DANG It!!!!! I'm spending nearly an hour and a half for each case summary and it's those with A SINGLE JUDGEMENT!!! has come to the point where I consider the Economist 'light reading'.

So yes, Gary, whoever you are, be warned. Oh yes, good luck with your readings...hope you don't decide to give up law after reading them...=P To be honest, I'm not entirely certain that you should start with those. I'll presume you have about a year to go so I would strongly recommend books on legal writing first, particular this book: Case Analysis and Statue Interpetation by Prof Beckman (amongst others), it has good basic stuff on common law and will probably teach you to write better.

Righto, onto Li Jia Wei, terribly sad...I mean 3-1 up and you lose 3 straights sets? *Sigh*, then again, if she does win (and with the prize money to boot), you're going to get the whole hoo-ha that she's not Singaporean yada yada.



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