Saturday, April 01, 2006

*Vox Populi Rides Again!*

Fresh from our last-gasp insane come from behind victory during the ArtsQuiz, Vox Populi has struck gold one more time (with a cash prize of $500 to boot) at the Chancellor Challenge Shield 06. The icing on the cake was that we beat RJC, who pipped us to the champion spot last year.

Yeah, it seems they remembered us.

Some team highlights from the tournament include

1. Telepathy. During the pyramid game like first round which involved a describer describing a word or a phrase or a noun with the other two members guessing, we finally came across the following, Likhud Party.

S: The former breakaway party
CL: Likhud Party!
*Incredulous stare from David*

2. Confusion part one. From the same round, the next phrase was Canberra

S: Capital of Austria
CL: Canberra!
S: Right!
David: Wait! It's Vienna!
S: Eh heh heh...I mean Australia...

3. Confusion part two. Los Angeles

S: City of Angels!
David: Nicholas Cage!
S: Come on Mon! City of Angels not the movie!

4. Having to tell the science expert on the team (David) that he was wrong that sand had a organic basis (he seemed to have misunderstood the question).

Peace for now.


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