Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Developmental Economics in China

My "Elder Sister" thinks I alienated a number of people in class today after I...um...took issue with the prof's "leftist/radical" views of market economics in China. His critique and arguments have great force particularly in terms of the perpetuation of inequity within China as reflected in the rising social tensions between the rural/urban poor and the cosmopolitan middle class/rich.

Except that I threw out a defense of property rights which turned into a defense of globalisation which turned into a defense of prioritisation between economics and environment, which turned into a defense of market forces governing environmental regulation. Into a insane argument that any and every single results in some form of inequity and disenfranchisement (I got rightly corrected of course but I suppose my only argument was that it was a question of spectrum rather than an either-or proposition). And finally a "defense" of cultural relativism via Asian Values (which I absolutely abhor by the way because it is such an empty concept and smacks of the genetic fallacy).

Although along the way I did sneak in a argument that if the international community was concerned about a particular problem in the domestic sphere of a foreign nation and the problem was simply one of resources, their obligation is to pony up the cash.

I think I've toned down a lot in the past few years. I generally don't go into full debate mode unless someone seriously pisses me off so I thought my tone was fairly reasonable. But I'll defer here to an objective third party and probably shut up for a little while =P


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