Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Asian-American parody inflames Princeton - International Herald Tribune

Heh, it finally hit the IHT. I was wondering how long before it would make the mainstream international news.

But this annoyingly is sucking political oxygen from the underlying debate that needs to get way more attention. For whatever reason, we don't think it's "unfair" discrimination when we elevate historically disadvantaged and disenfranchised minorities to create a level playing field at the expense of the dominant group that would otherwise benefit from a colour blind, apparent level playing field. The most obvious example I can think of would be immediate post-Apartheid South Africa. Not taking into account what had happen would simply re-entrench the white minority.

But it strikes us harder when another minority loses out through such laws and I think it forces a rethinking of what exactly we should be expecting from an institute of higher learning, the value of diversity and how the selection procedure apparently works.

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