Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm still alive and fairly well

Just a little busy with the readings and preparations for class. Not to mention there to be a fairly distinct lack of need and of inclination to blog (as a proxy for ranting to my ever suffering mother) in the face of the whole load of academic discussion and debate that we actually do get in class.

Not always, to be true, as we're increasing getting stumped in 1st Amendment trying to articulate whole coherent responses and principles e.g. like why shouldn't commercial speech be considered like any form of speech that gets 1st Amendment protection and why does it actually get instead "qualified, yet substantitial protection" from the 1st Amendment. And does this change from the absolute viewpoint that it was unprotected then simply represent a compromise but if so and as always, do compromises actually make sense? Expidient as they may be.

Anyway, barring a radical change in my schedule, this is likely how it's going to go unless people want to suddenly start reading about my personal life.



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