Thursday, September 21, 2006

*We are the Path of Least Resistance...Resistence is Fultile*

Just some quick background so my patient readers have some context to which to place this post in.

In the past 5 months, I have astonishingly managed only to be in Singapore for less than 2. But even within those 2 months, I (as most of you would no doubt be aware) shifted from the Western Wastelands (to be fair, it's been suburdianised to a huge extent from when I actually shifted in) to the Desolated North (there's almost nothing there except HBD flats and isolated enclaves of shops).

But after that when a hop, stick, jump and an incredibly cramped 14 hour flight to Zurich (NEVER EVER sit next to David and another tall person, especially if you're of above average height. There will be absolutely no leg space left). Followed by a week of the St Gallen Symposium. Then an hour train journey back to Zurich and a 14 hour overnight train to Rome for 2 days before a whirlwind 11 cities, 9 countries, 13 day tour of Europe.

Then back home where due to our top two female speakers being unable to make it for the AustralAsian Debating Tournament, I was forced after 2 and a half weeks (well closer to 3) to fly off to New Zealand for the tournament where I was told that I had a permanent scowl affixed to my face (I had some good reason by the way, most of which was becuase I was in an Misanthropic mood i.e. my I-hate-all-people-mood).

Back to Singapore after a moderately successful campaign. Before I could get back into the swing of things, other things cropped up and before I knew it, I was in full panic mood and hey, back in the air to Seattle.

And oh, I had to shift again from the dorm to my current place.

And between that and all the crazy administrative stuff I have had to do and the hoops I had to jump through to get registered, it's been a fairly hectic past week.

Which FINALLY brings me to the point I was going to make. It's going to be a while before serious blogging begins in earnest. In particular, the serious stuff like commentary on the Thai coup (and the interesting role of the Thai Monarch which lends credence to the theory that he sees himself as a benevelont monarch that protects his people from things, whether military regimes or democracy) and the interesting Supreme Court race in Seattle that has been called the nastiest in recent history.

And so the style and content of this blog is going to change fairly drastically for the next few months.


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