Thursday, October 20, 2005

*Verily I say Unto Thee*

And verily, I say unto thee, take not the pasta in vain for we are made in its image. Forsooth, that which elevates us above and beyond the plane of animal instinct into the realm of thought, reasona and consciousness is in its image. Our brain is in its image.

I pray unto thee, as you sup of the noble pasta that ye thinketh of his noodly apendage that touches us.

Yea, I sayeth unto thee brothers and sisters, I have opened my mind, the greatest of organs seen in his image and I have converted to the Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster. And may all my eating habits bring glory unto his noodly greatness.


Anyway, got pretty bored during class today and I have now officially changed my desktop page to reflect His glory. Speak with me to understand the greatness of this church. Flimsy moral standards and a beer volcano up in heaven. What more could one ask for? He trials us not with trials and leads us not into temptation and he is wise for he created us with such desires and hungers.



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