Thursday, October 13, 2005

Princeton group promotes chastity


I'm going to try to see if they have a full website and then do a full level, DefCon 5 fisking. In the meantime, I'll just content myself with snarky comments. But let's just do a little a thought experiment and bring it over to Singapore.

Consider the following. The average age for a Singaporean male in University is about 21 years of age. At that age, he has a casting vote and is capable of putting it in a ballot box where it will be counted. He has a say (somewhat) is the running of the country and can in fact stand for parliament and become a Member of Parliament where he will have the locus standi to introduce bills that become the laws of the state. He would have finished 2 1/2 years of National Service where he would have at the very least learnt how to use a weapon. In my case, quite a number of weapons. As a Medic Specialist (NCO to all my foreign readers), I have men under my command and I am responsible for their lives and wellbeing. As a Senior Medic or even a company medic I am responsible for the lives and health of men not even under my direct command. By this time, I can be sent to the gallows if I commit a capital crime, and will be treated as an adult under the law for the purposes of sentencing and determination of criminal liability. The law states that at the age of majority I am presumed to have the capability to enter to contracts and sign over my work and body for the purpose of employment (actually you can do that at 14).

And after all that, I can't make a decision as to when I should have sex? And you mean to tell me that Princeton undergraduates are idiots who can't think?!


p.s. this is a work in progress and there is more to come.

Addendum: Ahhh, forget it. They already lampoom themselves.

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