Wednesday, July 20, 2005

*Updates: Or their lack thereof*

The author is going to be slightly busy the next few days for various reasons and as such is not terribly likely to update this blog:

1. He's just got two modules worth of readings from his mailbox and once again he's getting intimidated, especially by property law.

2. He's trying to get through an entire season of The West Wing before school starts. His 'most brilliant plan' right now involves him watching at 3X the normal speed and reading off the subtitles...=)

3. He's off to HCJC (I just think HCI just sounds like some half baked software company) tomorrow afternoon to listen in on a bunch of bright young debaters come up with a case on why This House Believes that copyrights is the death of knowledge *rolls eyes*

4. He'll be off to K.L. for the weekend. Anyone needs a spot of shopping done?



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