Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Updates will be sparse for a little while, a little busy these next few days and I'll be away on Holiday (please don't ask me why I capitalised it) in sunny (I think) Thailand next week...=)

Anyway, if you find my next few post (assuming I do update) even more deviod of humour, however bad, than usual it's because I'm using this blog for debate preparation.

*Mr Fluffy plugs the cartoon Madagascar, he thinks it's worth the $7 bucks the author paid. Mr Fluffy on the other hand watched it in his personal omniplex in his new refurbished Imperial Palace along with a few select plebians to demonstrate how he was one of Them (albeit with absolute power and enough virtual weaponary to eradicate the island a couple of times over). In particular, he thinks the Psycho Penguinns were absolutely brilliant and he's considering hiring them to train his new army of mercenary pets and robots.*


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