Friday, May 20, 2005

*Too tired to blog*

Am going to affect the style of Wayne's World slash angsty cynical Creative Arts Programme writer. Mr Fluffy will as usual comment. And I'm going to do this with the help of our very own main English daily the ST! Whee!

1. Human to human bird flu risk grows.

Like wow man, like we're all going to, you know, die a horrible death. And like, this is like all the fault of us humankind for violating and destroying Mother Earth. And like, you know, evil science, all that travelling around so that we can spread the virus. It's like divine vengence man, the big man in the sky wants to start over. And like you know, remake the world with happy peace and animal loving people.

*Mr Fluffy is all for happy peace loving and animal loving people. Mr Fluffy is also quite willing to teach any mere human who does not believe it a lesson in tough love and corrective reeducation, preferably with needles and nail-guns*

2. Want to win that golf game? Wear red

No no that's not good man. Like golf, it's a bad game because capitialist i.e. rich old white man play it. And like, it's bad for the environment and like how much precious resources is wasted, like land in Singapore and like water, you know, that stuff you drink to survive *Mr Fluffy drinks blood so he wouldn't know, although he says that hot chocolate will do in a pinch...hint hint...*

And Saudi Arabia, yeah, big desert but they got golf courses man and they drain all those precious fluids from Mother Nature so rich man can hit a small white ball with a big stick. Yeah, I think it's compensation dude.

3. Buddhism's draw is no longer as a folk religion.

Like YEAH MAN! You see the light, come come me brothers and sisters as we sit round the campfire and sing songs of love and peace and goodness! But like, this ain't a new thing and has been a trend like for the past decade. In the land Down Under, it's the fastest growing religion and the 2nd largest now.

And like this ain't you know news? Just because the paper publishes it don't mean that they spotted it first.

*Mr Fluffy's religion is Shock and Awe and carrying a very very big gun*

4. Bo and Carrie in Idol finale

ROCK AND ROLL!!! Yeah! Pop culture gets a huge kick up its butt! No longer will the air ways be dominated by that trash they call pop and new hip hop. Rock and roll man! Fueling the passion of the counter-culture of the 70s. Return to free love and peace and brother and sisterhood. Rock on Bo!

*Mr Fluffy in a period of giddiness starts jamming on his electric guitar to the envy of the entirely ungifted author*

5. Plain truth is, porn dehumanises.

Ouch that painful man. The Senior Writer strikes again and like yeah, the irony is like delicious man. Past article he lashes out against feminism (and betrays his lack of knowledge of the various types of feminism) and yeah, he says that like more women watch porn and like there is female-friendly porn. And now, he quotes the 'feminist' (like note man, just the extreme feminist, the liberal feminist are like 'sex-positive') argument so what gives man?

Well The Man says "First, the fact that people use internet porn surreptiously, and in private, shows that the public display, sale or use of porn is offensive to many". This is like an assertion? Like maybe bacause the PUBLIC display/sale/hire and distribution of pornography is illegal? Like when they see those uncensored VCDs, people don't bat an eyelid. What is The Man talking about?

And yeah, like give a definition of pornography man, like what the hell are you talking about? You know, James Joyce, Irish guy, great writer? Like his book, Ulysses, top book of the century, was like considered porn before? And also Tropic of Cancer and Moll Flanders? Classic literature called porn once upon a time.

And yeah, he like accepts the liberal argument of harm but says that harm occurs anyway. And "like rape, pornography has nothing to do with love". And I'm like so what man if it has nothing to do with love, and like what's the link with rape? (Author's note: The link, according to Extreme Feminist like Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon is that sex is rape and hence pornography is rape)

And like furthermore, he says like porn is a substitute for intimacy? Like maybe that's true dude, but when it comes to the real thing, people ain't going to think it's like pornography, it's like you said man, a substitute, it's not a replacement.

And like holding women to high standards? Like maybe you should just look at your female magazines? And your actress and models? Like read Catherine MacKinnon's work yourself man (Author's note he lamblasts them in his previous article about feminist so go figure)

And The Man says it degrades females. And like the first response I had was like this flashback to Legal Theory clash when we were discussing MacKinnon and like this smart dude (Mahesh) makes like the DUH point, like what about female-friendly or couple-friendly porn or like porn produced by women or like homosexual pornography (how could lesbian porn for example be degrading to females) and I'm like, maybe he changed his mind or his bias is working again like that's just not good man.

Yeah and like he makes the life-story of Lovelace (of Deep Throat fame) like the definative story of pornography. And like that's about as useful as talking about the robber barons when discussing capitalism today. Like go read Annabel Chong's stuff or Jeena Jameson. And like Jane Doe of Roe v Wade, yeah she became anti-choice in the end but it don't like prove anything?

And like really man, you wanna prove something, you like need to substantiate it and 'adduce' some evidence. I don't see none mon. So like demonstrate how us males degrade women. I mean it ain't like you use the Extreme Feminist argument about harm (the unfalsifiable theory that goes because the liberal definition of harm is too narrow, and the harm that we measure is an aspect of society that cannot be measure, we cannot show you the harm but we know it exists). So like The Man, prove your case.

I mean, like yeah, if you defined pornography as those showing hardcore sexual violence against women like I can feel you man. But if that's the case you should ban pronography that degrades the subject man (so like those ladies who like dominatrix stuff must like get it illegally) not some fuzzy blanket stuff daw'g.

I mean, like the ST 70% of Singaporeans watch porn and like the internet's been around for like quite some years and like where's the bad attitude against women. And like you can use certain facts like general perception or violence against women or sexual harassment as 'proxy indicators'. what a pain. Peace!


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