Saturday, April 02, 2005 - Illinois governor: No delays in birth control prescriptions - Apr 1, 2005

Background: There's a movement in America (where else but the land of the free and unfree, tolernant and intolerant, separation of church and state but with religious fundamentalism) which lobbies for something called Conscience Laws, which basically allows for people NOT to have to do something that is against their conscience. The fact that it is fundamentally a religious motivated act nevertheless shouldn't count against it (for the secular humanist amongst us) nor does it automatically give a moral stamp on it (for the more religiously inclined). HOWEVER, it has most often be used in conjunction with refusals to provide abortions or even to sell contraception.

So given that most laws are morally neutral (except for the criminal ones), what's the issue with this particular set of laws? Well, women have been hassled and lectured when they attempt to fill their contraception prescription. It is fundamentally discriminatpry and it's awful to have to find anothe place that would serve you.

As such, this law by the Illinois Governor is a very sensible one. It's an emergency rule that requires pharmacies to fill birth control prescriptions quickly. So no hassle, no lectures, the onus is on the store to provide another pharmacist to fill the prescription if the first one refuses to do so on grounds on conscience.

I think it is a nice balance. While I cannot personally see the fuss behind contraceptions I will not attempt to impose my views on others (that's what Liberalism is about generally) even though this bunch would want to impose theirs on me. So fine, if it is really as morally outrageous to them then no point losing qualified and trained pharmacist. BUT at the same time, I think it's only fair to ensure that these women get what they came for as well. It would be absurd and ludicrous if we did not attempt to counter the side effects of the law.



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