Tuesday, March 29, 2005

BBC NEWS | Business | 'Return of the Mac' - coming soon

Save rap! The commercialisation of rap will be complete once they start accepting money from the Big Macs! Then the death of rap as a from of political activism will be complete.

The golden arches will offer US$5 every time the Big Mac is mentioned in the rapper's song. This US deal is meant for them to ride on the coattails of what is the most successful genre of popular music culture in the history of man - Hip Hop

BUT...my concern ain't with obesity. It ain't with junk food. If you're dumb enough like me to eat it without sufficient exercise you deserve it. Stop trying to use the judiciary to launch an attack on what is fundamentally a personal choice of rationality or stupidity.

My concern is with politics.

The Old School of the 70s was dealt a hige blow by the crass materialistic consumerist philosophy of the post 80s (East-West Side battle) that we saw in rap. Extravagent settings with scantity class girls, bling-blings (ostentatious jewelry) are the raison d'tate of many of the gangsta' rappers today. But an alliance with the granddaddy of commericialisation will sound the death knell for whatever pretensions or links rap can and WILL EVER HAVE with political activism.

Peace daw'gs!


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

raison d'etre is what you mean?


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