Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Local incoherent homophobe

Just read it and the comments. At last he's thrown off the pretense that he's not a homophobe and gone into full blown rightwing, bigoted lying that homosexuality promotes pedophilia.

Read the post and in particular the comments. His arguments have been shredded repeatedly, but like a boxing trainer, he just keeps coming back by ignoring the points asserting he's right and generally going "la-la-la I can't hear you".

As CL says, his argument is more against casual sex than homosexuality per se. Or as I put it, his arguments (and I use the term loosely) apply equally against heterosexuals.

So I suggested that he change the name of his blog to "Why Be Sexual?".

Well, let's see what he comes up with next.

Update: Well boo hoo. For the third time, he has called me stupid and refused to engage in debate.

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